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3-in-1 Multifunctional Dryer for clothes and shoes

A multifunction dryer efficiently dries clothes and shoes. It's compact, portable, and gentle on fabrics, ideal for small spaces.

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Product Details

Multifunction Dryer is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities

  • Power: 200W to 400W
  • Function:  Dries clothes and shoes
  • Design: Compact and portable
  • Drying Method: Gentle heat and airflow
  • Racks: Adjustable for various items
  • Multiple drying modes
  • Suitable for small spaces and quick drying needs
  • Protects delicate fabrics and footwear, easy to use, and versatile.
Package includes 1. Two dryer bag attachment (big,small)
2. Shoe Dryer
3. Main Dryer
4. User Manual

Compact and Portable Design

This multifunction dryer is small and easy to move, fitting well in small spaces. It's perfect for travel too. Despite its size, it dries clothes and shoes efficiently, making it very convenient.

360-degree Warm Air Circulation Multifunction Dryer

Efficiently dry clothes and shoes with care in small spaces. Compact, portable design. 360-degree warm air circulation ensures thorough drying without damage. Customizable settings for optimal convenience.