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Portable Air Cooler Mist Mini Table Fan

"Custom Cool: Explore Three Mist Modes with Our Portable Mini Table Fan"

Our Portable Mini Table Fan comes with three different mist modes, each offering a unique cooling experience. The gentle mist mode provides a light breeze for a comfortable feel. If you need a bit more cooling power, the moderate mist mode is there for you. And for a quick, intense cool-down, switch to the high mist mode for a refreshing spray. These mist modes give you options to stay cool and comfy, whether you're at home or working in a busy office. Enjoy a cooling breeze that suits your preferences with our versatile Portable Mini Table Fan.

"Brighten Your Space: Seven Colors, Endless Vibes!"

Brighten up your space with our Portable Mini Table Fan's cool seven-color LED light modes. It's like having a rainbow at your fingertips! Choose from different colors to match your mood or make your room feel cozy and lively. Whether you're relaxing or working, these lights add a touch of fun and style. Enjoy the cool breeze and colorful vibes with our Portable Mini Table Fan.