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Mini Portable Karaoke Speaker + Wireless Mic

Effortless Audio Excellence with Wireless Mic

  • Seamless audio solution for Type-C Android and iPhone devices
  • Wireless Microphone with hassle-free plug-and-play design
  • Quick setup without the need for additional apps or Bluetooth pairing
  • Omnidirectional clarity captures voice with precision from any angle
  • Eliminates the need for constant adjustments during recording sessions
  • Ideal for vlogs, interviews, and podcasts
  • Compact and durable microphone system
  • Delivers professional-grade audio on the fly
  • Allows content creators to focus on creativity without technical distractions

Fun Voices, Easy Connect:

  • 3 Voice Modes: Alter your voice with deep, chipmunk, & more options!
  • Bluetooth Ready: Stream karaoke tracks from any device.
  • User-Friendly: Perfect for karaoke newbies & karaoke pros.
  • Long Battery Life: Sing all night long without worry.
  • Portable Power: Pocket-sized fun for karaoke anywhere.