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11 in 1 disk

Charge fast & stay connected:

  • Multifunction Kit Features:
  1. 11-in-1 versatility
  2. Cutting-edge Type C PD 2.0/3A Cable
  • Power Delivery Excellence:
  1. Engineered for rapid power delivery
  2. Ideal for charging the latest devices at lightning speed
  • Versatile Stand Functionality:
  1. Effortlessly transforms into a stand
  2. Perfect for comfortable movie watching
  3. Enables hands-free landscape mode charging during travel
  • Seamless Charging Experience:
  1. Whether on the go or settling in for entertainment
  2. Ensures a seamless and rapid charging experience

    Ultimate Connectivity and Storage Solutions:

    • Multifunctional: Do it all - adapt, connect, store!
    • Durable build: Scratch-resistant metal keeps it safe.
    • Wide compatibility: Works with most devices (USB-C, Micro USB, Lightning, USB-A).
    • Extra storage: Keep MicroSD cards and 2 Nano SIM cards organized.
    • Convenient design: Easily access and swap data with an ejector tool.
    • Fast charging: Power up any device with lightning speed.